Lined Bookshelf Tutorial

How easy is this! I think the pictures tell a lot of the story here.

This is Ava's new Hemnes bookshelf from Ikea and I thought I'd give it a bit of a facelift. So effective and SO easy!

...Kaleidoscope Quilt Tutorial!

I seem to be on a run of finishing all of those projects that I began a few months ago and failed to complete due to my craft crash that occurred a few months ago.

This quilt was the only thing that kept me going for awhile, I kinda gave up everything else but I was fascinated to see what would come of this pile of colours...

Little Girl's Apron Dress

This is an adorable little pattern I stumbled across on when looking for a girls pinafore. It's a little apron dress that can be made reversible, PLUS it can become a top as your little one grows bigger and bigger! How adorably convenient!  

This is how it looks at the back. I'm yet to try it with a top underneath yet, but I'm sure it would look cute over a long sleeved top or little tee! 

This top allows a lot of movement for little ones on the go, and could be worn throughout the year-all depending on what you match it with!

I'm planning on making a few more in different colours!

Find the pattern here and enjoy making one for yourself xox

...Hall Table Redo

I found an old hall table at a local Opp Shop a few months ago and ummed and aahed about buying it as it was $45. A few weeks later, it was up the front of the shop in the 'clearance' section for $20! 
It was meant to be!


Just a bit of inspiration I whipped up for the day- a quote from Ellie Barrett

Whatever you're currently aspiring to achieve in your life, always remember this


...Diy Stencilled Wall

During our renovation, I was lucky enough to have my own custom made dressing table nook built into our bedroom. Very fancy!
I received a beautiful dressing table from my husband for my 30th birthday. I've been holding off setting it up though because I wanted to pretty-up the wall first! I have been on the lookout for wallpaper for awhile now but I just couldn't find the right one...then I considered stencilling.


...Getting Organised-Part 1

Right! That's it! I'm getting organised!

I finally have my beautiful new extended house, yet I'm still feeling like it's a cluttered mess. Quite the dilemma when you double the size of your house yet still feel like you have no room for stuff, right!

Well, it's time to make some changes and I'm using my blog and my followers to help me out! Who's with me?!

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